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7 Asset dan 4 Habit

Cerita #7Aset_4Habit

Lama tak kongsi cerita. Harini nak cerita sikit pasal 7 Asset & 4 Habit.

Bertahun-tahun buat bisnes, I felt like my business was becoming a flat line. Sesekali ada naik sikit. Sesekali ada turun sikit.

Is it healthy? No, it’s not.

Kalaulah it’s a person’s heartbeat, flat line tu macam dah nazak dah tu.

A client told me, “Elis, u ni dah stuck in the middle. U cannot sell cheaper coz u dah lama in market. U cannot sell higher coz u don’t have the #capacity. U need to find something so u can keluar dari zon u tu.”

Aduh, rasa macam kena tampar sungguh. He’s a successful man, younger than me. Doing business in London, lived there with his wife and kids. Balik Malaysia few times a year je. Thus why bila balik he will throw a very grand birthday party for his kids, raikan family, friends and clients.

He was right, I really was stuck. I tried to grow my business but it was like a sluggish walk. It was lacking everywhere.

When COVID hits, that was the biggest blow. Event semua stop. Kids related event took the first hit. My business almost K-O. Dah terbaring. Tunggu referee sebut 1 to 10 je.

For one year, we cannot take any event orders at all. My playland at Putrajaya had to close. We sold most of our equipments. We were quick to downsize when most chose to wait.

Lucky for me, back in 2019 I had started project ebook Rahsia 7 with Inche Hujan. I learned the #concept of 7 Assets and 4 Habits. I created a mnemonics for them :

7 Asset = Bob Dan Karim Geng Motor Nama Oren.


4 Habit = Mereka Bawa Motor Dengan Vigor

Deliver Value

I had just started to develop the foundation of 7 Asset & 4 Habit ni when COVID hit. It wasn’t strong enough to support me fully but I was heading in the right direction. Bit by bit I was beginning to see the #light at the end of the tunnel.

I shifted my focus from developing my business to developing 7 Assets. I was no longer affected by my business’ numbers. What matters is I’m developing my assets #happily_and_effortlessly by applying the 4 Habits.

When the economy opened back in 2022, everything started to fall into pieces. All the seeds that has been planted before began to shoot up. My ship had survived the storm and now is sailing again proudly and majestically. #Alhamdulillah.

Fast forward 2023. I’m standing on a place my old me never imagined I would be. Happily living the life of G20.

I believe the knowledge of 7 Asset and 4 Habits ni is a must for everyone especially business owners, irregardless of the stages they’re at. Baru nak start ke. Dah tengah2 ke. Dah hujung2 ke. Takde istilah terlambat sebab bila Allah yg plan, His plan is #the_most_perfect for us.


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