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Journal Happy – Hari 6

From Quora :

Q : Why does making others happy makes you feel happy?

A : (by Hui Ying Lin)

I’d like to give a slightly “dark” answer.

Sometimes when I feel depressed, I feel that my life is worthless, my opinion is worthless and nothing I does matter. I feel as if it’s impossible to ever feel happy again.

Then I notice someone, a friend or a stranger, struggling. Hey, there seems to be something I can do to help them.

Little things like helping an elderly man top up his fare card. Pointing an auntie in the right direction. Buying my friend a merch I know they’d squeal in delight about.

In your own bubble of helplessness and depression, suddenly you feel that there’s something you can do to make a difference in someone else’s life.

And that little difference you make, makes you feel like you’ve made a difference in their lives in that moment. Their smile let in a little sunshine into your life. It gives you a little hope about life that day. You suddenly feel less useless about yourself than you did a moment ago.

And in that little moment of difference, you know you’ve done something right in life and that’s why you feel happy.



Have you made someone happy today? 😃



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