Journal MM Day 8

Today I realised I have been too complacent with my event bisnes ni. When people invited me to form another company, i left my own bread and butter to float alone.. without captain.. depending solely on fb ads for marketing. And i was busy with the other company. Until i get kicked out.

Tak serik lagi tu. I jump at every opportunity for collaboration. Distracting me from my goal. From my vision. Because… i was complacent.

The trend changed.. i didn’t notice.

Many competitors coming in.. i didn’t notice.

Customers calling less and less.. i noticed.

Sales declining.. i noticed.

It was too late. I was in deep.

Presence of brand vs presence of mind.

Why would McD spend big bucks on advertising? Why would they compete with other brands to sponsor AJL 2019? They are BIG brands already. Nobody needs to be introduced to McD. None McD outlet yang sunyi. Yet they still allocated big budger for advertising.

Presence of brand vs presence of mind.

When you get complacent, the hunger stops. The desire to be the best starts fading. The fire dies slowly. In the end, people forget you.

Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. Untuk kekal cinta, perlu sentiasa di depan mata. Dari mata jatuh ke hati. Dari hati datangnya keinginan memiliki.

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